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When a couple decided to hire a wedding photographer, the first thing that strikes their mind is wedding photography price and wedding photography packages. To organize a dream wedding is a very challenging job and involves a lot of money. Exclusive photography is not an expense, but it is an investment. The bride and groom need to work out on their entire budget plan for wedding photography packages because professional photography Melbourne packages play a vital role in the whole budget.

There are various photographers around Melbourne, where some photographers offer all photography coverage and points in their packages. On hiring us and selecting our wedding photography package, the client will receive all the edited images, some enlargements and wedding albums. Anton weddings provide different packages for professional photography. The basic package includes a limited budget which only includes photography coverage. The second package includes printing value including albums and enlargements. The client can combine video packages along with the wedding photography packages in Melbourne CBD.

Professional Wedding Photography

Our photography rate is cheaper to other professional photography Melbourne, but that does not mean it’s nasty. We can offer you affordable prices due to the volume of wedding events that we photograph every year. All our rates for wedding photography packages include:

Professional Videography

1. Pre-booking/ wedding consultation
2. Unlimited images photographed during the event
3. All the images taken will be provided
4. Images would be edited
5. Images would be provided in USB flash drive
6. Images are supplied watermark-free

We also backup your images and can replace lost or damaged USBs for the cost of postage and USB.

The affordable wedding photography packages range will start from $1500 to $3000. Also, hourly based photography packages are available and those packages would be:

Up to 2 hours’ coverage
This package will include short or registry weddings. The ideal amount for short weddings or registry weddings ranges from $550-$600. 2 hours is perfect, to capture the basic photographs in ceremony for family and friends. It also includes a few bridal shots after the ceremony. This package is not recommended if there is some travel involved.
3-6 hours’ coverage
This package is suitable for most of the weddings. It includes pre-wedding, ceremonies, photoshoots, and reception requirements as per the client’s choice. Normal travel suits this package excluding some of the reception moments later in the night.

To homework of wedding photography packages Melbourne, the couple must have spent some time in meeting the photographer to discuss the itinerary and explain the requirements to control the budget and get no extra cost later on. We are always available for you to work on affordable wedding photography packages in Melbourne CBD. Contact us now.

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We are available locally and for destination weddings all around the world. Please visit our About Us page for more information about our services and what we believe in. Being a wedding photographer is a challenging job, and not everyone is cut out for it. But if you think you have what it takes, then contact us today.